2021 – 2022 ANNUAL REPORT

Jacmel, September 6th, 2022

Dear Donors and Friends of FONDOP,

I hope this note finds you in good health and great spirit.

I am delighted to share with you FONDOP’s achievements during the last academic year 2021-2022.

Despite many constraints, some of you continued to support FONDOP’s efforts, allowing us to continue assisting students in financial need.

As school tuition fees have increased, our funding sources have become more limited, but we have managed to assist a total of 79 students, 22 males and 57 females, in the following areas:

21 Kindergarten and Primary school students, (up to 6th grade)

27 students in grades 7-9,

19 students in Secondary level, (NS I to NS IV)

8 students in Professional schools

4 University students

A student from Cayes in the South Department, has also received financial assistance to cover a portion of his school fees for the academic year.

FONDOP had received a one-of-a-kind donation intended for emergency relief intervention. This donation was used to provide school supplies to students in Pestel, a community in La Grande Anse, that was devastated by the earthquake of August 2021 shortly followed by Hurricane Grace. This intervention was made possible by a partnership between FONDOP and the Association Joining Hands.

A table summarizing our accomplishments is attached.

While writing this note, I am responding to parent and student requests for the upcoming academic year, 2022-2023. Schools are set to reopen on October 3, 2022. The country is in a state of upheaval. School fees have risen, as have the costs of food, fuel, and other necessities. We are in the third week of protests, with demonstrators taking to the streets of Jacmel and threatening to shut down all activities.

While dealing with this perplexing situation, FONDOP is attempting to ensure that all last year’s beneficiaries return to school. This is only possible with your support!

I thank you for your previous contributions on behalf of the students, and I appeal to your usual generosity to ensure that none of our children are forced to drop out of school.

Thank you once more for all you have done and will continue to do to ensure a better future for Jacmel’s youth.

Best wishes,

Jocelyne O. Pierre