2011 – 2012 School Year

Fondation Opportunite (FONDOP) touched the lives of 474 students during 2011-2012 school year.

Tuition Fees

Because we are passionate about the right to education for all children FONDOP paid the tuition fees of 181 students:

  • 8 children were able to join preschool
  • 97 went to primary schools, ranging from 1st to 6th grades
  • 25 to middle school, 7th to 9th grades
  • 33 attended secondary schools towards their Baccalaureate I and II.
  • 7 young men and women had the opportunity to learn a skill from professional schools.
  • 11 enrolled at the University of Notre Dame of Haiti (UNDH): five at the nursing school, four studying business Administration and one at the school of Agriculture.

One of the students who has benefited from FONDOP assistance since the earthquake graduated cum laude from the school of Agriculture. This young man lost his benefactor during the earthquake and would have had to drop out from the university if not for the involvement of FONDOP. He did so well that he got a scholarship for an internship in the US.

Here is an extract of the thank you he wrote to FONDOP:

“My mother is 63 years old and I am the only child she has. My father died 8 years ago. I used to have a kind benefactor, Mr. J. M., who paid for my education. Sadly, he died in the earthquake January 12th. My mother did everything she could for me – she went to influential people in the city with news about me, to try and get help so that I could continue my studies, but no-one could help. Thanks to FONDOP, however, I have been able to continue my studies and this means everything to me.”

Name withheld for their privacy

Support to Schools

FONDOP also contributed to the education of 293 students through the support provided to the following schools:

  • Secours des Enfants de Bainet received a set of school books to be distributed free of charge to 25 children
  • Ecole Communautaire de Baumier received a donation that was used towards the payment of teacher’s salary. This school has a total number of 109 pupils, most of them unable to pay their school fees, but who are nonetheless provided with an education.
  • Ecole Mixte la Cordee was also helped with the payment of its teachers’ salary. This particular school is attended by 159 students, some of them “restavec” (children in domestic service).

In Haiti, parents strive to give access to education to their children, whether they are boys or girls, without discrimination. Unfortunately, free education for all is not yet a reality, although it is one of the Government’s priorities. In the meantime, many parents are struggling and all too often have to take their children out of school because they simply cannot afford to pay the tuition fees. Whenever possible, FONDOP tries to support families in sending their children to school.

The achievements of this last school year could not have been possible without the contribution of FONDOP’s donors. On behalf to the pupils and students we express our gratitude to all of you who supported our work financially or any other way.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to all our donors!