2012 – 2013 School Year

I am proud to once again share with you a summary of what we have been able to achieve with your donations and support.
During this School year, your contributions allowed 147 students to have access to education: they were 91 girls and 56 boys.

  • 11 of them attended Preschools
  • 68 were in 1st to 6th grades
  • 21 were in 7th to 9th grades
  • 28 were in secondary schools
  • 8 continued their studies at the university level: 3 out of the 5 students of the School of Nursing will graduate next year (2013-2014)
  • 3 young adults received specific training in various professional establishments where they acquired skills such as Business Administration, Banking Operations, language, medical technology, etc. that will equip them for a better future.
  • Finally, 8 very gifted young girls (5) and boys (3) were given a chance to develop their talent by attending the renowned School of Music Dessaix Baptiste of Jacmel.

In addition, 176 students from 4 different schools also benefitted from FONDOP’s intervention through the provision of school books, and contributions towards the payment of their teachers’ salary.

All the credits go to you and your generosity!

On behalf of the students allow me to express FONDOP’s sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Jocelyne O. Pierre