2013 – 2014 School Year

Once again I am delighted to share with you the achievements of Foundation Opportunity during the school year 2013-2014. Faithful to its mission and with the support of your contributions, FONDOP continued to pay tuition fees for students of little to no income families who would have had to stay home (or in the streets) without financial assistance.

In all modesty, I can say that 2013-2014 was a successful year: a total of 124 students were sponsored, thanks to your generosity:

  • 13 children started their education at the preschool level,
  • 61 pupils received their basic education from first to sixth grade –
  • 17 students continued their studies at seventh to ninth grade
  • 12 attended secondary schools from tenth grade to baccalaureate 2nd level (Philo)

In addition, 21 young people (15 females and 6 males) had the opportunity to continue their education at a higher level and learn the skills that will open doors for them in the work market.
From this group, 4 young ladies graduated this year:

  • 1 obtained her diploma after 2 years of studies at the “Centre d’Informatique, de Statistique et d’Administration” (CISA)
  • 3 graduated as registered nurses from the school of nursing of the “Université Notre Dame d’Haiti” of Jacmel. For 4 years, the duration of the nursing program, FONDOP paid their tuition fees.

Where would these young ladies have been today without your help? How could FONDOP have sponsored their studies for the past years without your continuous contribution?
YOU made it possible! Thanks to you, their dreams came true! On behalf of Esther, Daphnée, Schella and Andrise and their families I thank you for giving these young women a chance for a better future.

As for the 2 previous years, FONDOP has helped 8 talented young people to pursue their training at the school of music Dessaix Baptiste of Jacmel.

FONDOP also contributed towards the payment of teachers’ salary to the community school of Baumier, a locality situated near Bainet, in the South East Department of Haiti. The parents of the 120 students attending this community school are unable to come up with the sum required for the teachers’ salary. Thanks to FONDOP’s donation, the school remains open for the benefit of the children of the community of Baumier.

Jocelyne Oriol Pierre