2014 – 2015 School Year

December 2nd 2015

Again, thank you for your interest in the work of FONDOP and for all your support.

I would like to share with you a summary of our activities for the school year 2014-2015:

FONFOP sponsored 136 students, 44 boys and 92 girls as follows:

  • 9 children in preschool
  • 59 in primary school (first grade of the 6th)
  • 24 in the third cycle (from 7th to 9th grades)
  • 25 at secondary level (10 to 12 grades plus the class of Philosophy which is the last level of secondary school in Haiti)
  • 8 students at the university (4 of them graduated at the end of the school year: 2 in management and 2 from the Nursing school of the “Université Notre Dame d’Haïti”, in Jacmel)

FONDOP also allowed 3 young people to receive a professional training and 8 are enrolled in the school of music of Jacmel.

In addition, the foundation provided school books to 2 schools and contributed to the payment of teachers’ salary of 2 Community Schools.

Your contribution and your support have been very helpful.

Since the month of August we have started our intervention for the current school year (2015-2016). The available funds (balance from last year budget) have allowed 137 students to enter or return to school by covering the entry fees and a few months of schooling (up to December when possible). We are seeking additional funds to cover the fees required for the rest of the year. (See attached table labelled Balances 12.15)

The Foundation asked the university and 2 other schools to accept several students against a promise to pay their tuition at the beginning of 2016.

Unfortunately, FONDOP was not able to satisfy all the requests. Several were put aside hoping for more inflow that will allow these children to go to school.

That in a nutshell summarizes the last and current year situation.

Thank you again for your trust and your constant support and best wishes for the Holiday Seasons!

Jocelyne Oriol Pierre