2019-2020 Annual Report

Dear Donors and Friends

The school year 2019-2020 is finally coming to an end. Most of our students are now taking their final exams that should have normally taken place 3 months ago. Hopefully, they will be able to start their new school year by the end of October or in November 2020. The delay is due to the long interruptions caused by political unrest (September to December 2019) and the pandemic from March to July 2020.

Our Students were not fortunate enough to benefit from home schooling during the confinement.  This would have required means not available to most of them: Laptop or PC, reliable electricity and internet services, competent parental supervision, and guidance, etc. To complete their curriculum for 2019-20 many schools had to reopen during the Summer especially for classes going to national exams (7th grade and Secondary IV)

Before the political turmoil that paralyzed all activities including the functioning of Schools, FONDOD had already paid its contribution for the tuition fees of 99 students. With your donations, 71 girls and 28 boys were enrolled for the year 2019-2020.

Below is a summary of the number of students who benefited from your assistance last year per category:

3 Started in Kindergarten

40 attended primary schools (1rst to 6 grades)

23 were in the third Cycle (7 to 9 grades)

And 26 in Secondary (Sec. I, II III and IV)

A young lady went to JACAYA English Institute.

2 Students continued their studies in Education Sciences, one at the Public University of the South East (UPSEJ), the other at University Lumiere.

4 Young ladies remained at the University Notre Dame d’Haiti to pursue their education in Management and Economics Sciences. Two of them are completing their final year at the university!!

Now we are getting ready to face the school year 2020-21. Our resources have considerately decreased while the demand for assistance is increasing. We had to reduce the number of beneficiaries from 142 (2018-19) to 99 (2019-20). Unfortunately, we expect to help even less students next year with the limited fund available.

We are all going through difficult times but FONDOP still hopes to be able to count on your generosity.

Without your help, 99 students would not have completed their school year for 2019-2020. Let us help maintain their hope for a better future alive!

Once again thank you for your support, trust, and encouragement!

Best regards,