General Objectives

  • To serve and help in an active and efficient manner, the most disadvantaged children of the Commune of Jacmel, by giving them access to education.
  • To establish, encourage and cultivate a spirit of solidarity among Haitian children.
  • To enable them to benefit from their fundamental rights as children and at the same time – especially for the older children – to make them aware of their duties as citizens of Haiti.
  • To undertake, support, guide and facilitate activities aimed at contributing to the welfare of these children and at improving the condition of their lives.

Specific Objectives

  • To provide an opportunity for disadvantaged children of a young age to enjoy their right to play, and to an education, in a safe and supportive environment.
  • To provide an opportunity for disadvantaged older children to learn together about their rights and also their duties as future citizens, in a safe and supportive environment.
  • To provide an opportunity for local citizens to contribute to the welfare of local children and to create and develop a safe and supportive environment for them.
After the earthquake of January 2010, what actions were taken by FONDOP to address the needs of the vulnerable children?

Within two weeks after the earthquake, the organization assessed the situation and decided that its focus would be to contribute to the relief effort with a focus on children. Schools had been closed, families were living on the edge of survival, many children were orphaned, and others were often abandoned during the day whilst their parents sought out the means of survival.

“We cannot allow this tragic situation to be an excuse to deprive these children of their right to a joyful childhood”.

Fondation Opportunité founder, Jocelyne O. Pierre, 2010

It was quickly apparent that a shift from the original strategy, set out in early January, was imperative. FONDOP moved quickly into emergency relief and decided:

  • To provide immediate financial assistance to the City Hall of the Town of Jacmel: to support its emergency response the first few days after the earthquake when it was involved in removing rubble, providing food, water, shelter and medical supplies to those severely affected by the earthquake – the wounded and the homeless
  • To support the set up of day care centers as a safe and supportive environment for vulnerable children in the camps for displaced people of Jacmel, seeking to address their medical needs and relieve some of the trauma they were facing.
  • To provide protection, support and structured, meaningful activities for the children
  • To provide an opportunity for older children to be together, to feel safe, to learn and to engage in voluntary work in the camps, to re-enforce their sense of self-worth and to enable them to contribute as young citizens in a time of crisis
  • To provide an opportunity for local people to work together and network with others in an emergency response to critical needs in their local community