Founders & Friends

FONDOP’s founder Jocelyne O. Pierre worked for UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) for over 25 years, supporting women and children in some of the poorest, most isolated communities in the world. With a desire to return to Haiti and her family, she moved back to her home town of Jacmel in 2008. She then set up Fondation Opportunité with other concerned citizens, in order to provide much-needed support to destitute children.

Within days of the earthquake, in rapid response to the crisis and devastation all around them, these citizens were able to collect funds from family and friends around the world, and to regroup and modify their objectives. They are now working to provide continued support and education to those in desperate need – the children.

Board of Directors

Guy Serge Pompilus is a professional expert with over 30 years of experience in the field of education. He is the Counselor of the group in the domain of his expertise.

Maud O. Khawly, Peggy Monsanto, Sheila Khawly are members who accepted to join Jocelyne in this noble venture. They are active business women who have lived and worked in Jacmel all of their lives and are well aware of the environment, culture, and the problems of this part of Haiti. All three have been involved with supporting disadvantaged children for a number of years – for example, by sponsoring school fees. Fondation Opportunité gives them an opportunity to work together, share their professional experience and increase the impact of their work on some of the most vulnerable children in our community.


The following people contributed to the creation, development and the achievements of FONDOP. Without their continuous support, advice, encouragement and contributions, not much could have been accomplished.

Kathleen Cravero

Chantal Leconte

Pamela Reitemeier

Carol Watson

Tanny Noorlander

Cecile Colas

Action for Haiti, NY

Pierre Solutions

Logistics for Health, etc.