2017 – 2018 Special Letter

Special Letter in regards to the 2017-2018 School Year

Dear Donors and Friends of FONDOP,

It is always a pleasure to share our annual achievement report with you. However, this year is slightly different, our joy and gratitude are mixed with sadness.

My friend, one of FONDOP’s supporters will not receive a copy of this report!

We would like to dedicate this year to the memory of Tanny Noorlander, one of our first group of friends, counselors and donors who have been walking with us since our creation back in 2009!

Rest in Peace, Tanny! You have generously contributed to improve the life of many young Haitians by offering them access to education and hope for a better future! Thank you!

Why is FONDOP seeking funds now (2018)?
As in previous years, FONDOP continues to offer scholarships to children and older students with little or no income to pay for their school fees.

a) The organization is seeking funds for the payment of tuition fees for:

  • 108 children from preschool to the ninth grade.
  • 40 students in secondary schools.
  • 11 university students in the following disciplines: Nursing, Education Sciences, Economics.

The support of FONDOP is essential to these young people. Without this assistance, many would have to stay home. With no skill, their hope for employment and a better future would be wiped out.

b) To help maintain the professional activities of the “Centre JUVENILE-CLUB de Jeunes” of Anse-à-Pitres..

This Center, created and managed by the Salesians Sisters, offers training in several manual professions to the young people of 18 through 29 years. Most of these young people have nothing to do and cannot afford the yearly fee of 3,000.00 Haitian Gourdes, (less than $50.00) requested by the center for the teachers’ salaries.

Anse-à-Pitres is at the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, a city where hundreds of families, deported from the neighboring country, are living in camps.